Jack Centipedes

For JacksFilms

Trump Centipdes(snakes? worms?)

A bunch of wiggly donald trump heads leaving trails on a canvas. Created purely for my own amusement.

GabeN Bounce

A bunch of bouncy Gabe Newell heads.

Random Words

A little experiment which assembles letters into random nonsensical words.

Moving Popups

A bunch of moving popup windows.

Bouncy Popups

A bunch of bouncing popup windows.


An experimental web game rendered entirely using paragraph elements arranged in a grid, with varying colors and text. WARNING: This game was purely experimental, and not at all optimized. Works well in Google Chrome, but runs VERY slowly in other browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.)


A small game made while testing the cababilities of Gamemaker:Studio


Another gamemaker test, experimenting with gravity in a 2-D environment.


A fun little particle simulation on my old website. (You can have some more fun with it if you let them all clump into a ball at your mouse, and then start swirling it and moving it around.)


A little experiment in a chat system using php/mysql.


I tried making a markov chain generator from scratch.


Animated tab title

Pixel Valentines

Experiment with pixel grid hearts


Tried drawing smooth curves/water simulation. Click to manipulate.

Traitor Killer

Play as TR-8R and kill the traitor scum

Game of Life

Conway's Game of life. Wanted to try making my own version.

Game of Life (prefilled board)

Open and watch!


Simple 2d terrain, a test of rendering tiles from a spritesheet.


Some pretty stars shooting out, kinda looks like you're flying through space.

Square Burst

An interesting looking animation, somewhat resembles a loading icon

Dat boi

here come dat boi!!!!!!

Dat Sine Wave

here come dat sine wave!!!!!!


A WIP multiplayer physics PVP game inspired by agario and warinspace, written in nodeJS.


Another WIP Node multiplayer game. Play as a tank, lay down walls, and shoot other tanks.