Website creation Service

I'll build small to medium-sized websites, little web games, etc. Usually costs $1 - $25 depending on the scale of the project. If you'd like to discuss me making something for you, send an email to Please include "Design Request" in the subject, and give an overview of what you'd like me to make. Please also include your desired price for the project. If you would prefer using a different means of communication, include your skype username or twitter handle.

Minecraft Hologram Generator

A little tool for Minecraft 1.9+. Draw an image in the canvas, and it will convert the image into a command which can be used to spawn a holographic picture in your Minecraft world.

Dramatic Zoom

Slightly useless, allows you to create a custom page which zooms into a custom image slowly while playing dramatic "O Fortuna" music. Here is an example.

Random Words

A little experiment which assembles letters into random nonsensical words.